Leverage a Centralized Service Program to Optimize Your Business

Centralizing your laboratory service program makes sound business sense. From lowering costs to becoming more efficient, companies are realizing the significant impact that centralizing can make on their bottom line. Imagine the consequences if your organization did not have a unified IT Group or streamlined purchasing process. The benefits derived from a centralized laboratory service program equal the efficiencies gained from uniting the IT Group, or creating a consolidated method for ordering office supplies. The text below represents the top ten benefits of a centralized laboratory service program.

Top Ten Benefits of Implementing a Centralized Laboratory Service Program

  1. Efficient and Simplified Service: A single point of contact for laboratory requirements simplifies service, and eliminates the hours of administration needed to manage multiple service vendors - One Contract, One Solution, One Call.
  2. Lower Cost through Synergies: Merging the laboratory service functions allows for duplicated processes to be identified, combined and ultimately optimized.
  3. Maximize Capital Utilization: Consolidating and leveraging the enterprise service investment ensures that all assets are optimized across the entire organization.
  4. Improve Cash Flows: A consolidated laboratory service program provides an integrated solution for managing the laboratory's asset maintenance, and helps reduce inventory levels, increase equipment uptime, improve cash flows and ultimately enhance the bottom line.
  5. Drive Decisions: Well aligned processes and centralized metrics help define the most effective service delivery models and support swift, intelligent business decisions.
  6. Increase Uptime: Dramatically increase uptime with streamlined preventive maintenance, accelerated service response, improved first time fix rates and accessible supplies.
  7. Increase Core Work: A centralized laboratory service program maximizes and focuses internal resources, helps alleviate administrative burden, and allows scientific experts to focus on the science.
  8. Maximize Resources: Tap into expert resources, tools and dedicated service professionals and multiply the resources available to the lab.
  9. Reduce Costs: Experienced teams consolidate service delivery to best meet the customer's needs, and deliver cost savings - both direct and indirect. For example, customers have received cost efficiencies of 15% or more by integrating all instrument services into one solution.
  10. Increase Productivity: Uncomplicated access to the highest quality laboratory service allows laboratories to spend more time on discovery, and less time on anything else.