Laboratory Calibration and Repair

Our Depot Repair options help you effectively manage repair costs. For instruments that can be shipped to our Depot Repair Center, our factory trained, expert service team will make it a priority to clean, repair, and test your instrument to ensure optimal performance levels. After your instrument meets specifications, we will return it and provide a Certificate of Calibration to document the service, when applicable.

Services offered include:

  • Clean-and-Calibrate Service
    Preventive maintenance and traceable compliance services. Instruments are tested according to manufacturing specifications and/or operation qualification test procedures before being returned.
  • Preventive Maintenance & Calibration Services
    Preventive maintenance and calibration services to help avoid downtime and optimize performance.
  • Depot Repair Service
    Fast, on-demand service whenever your instrument requires it.
    We also offer Depot contracts that gain you priority repair services.

We offer Depot Repair and Services for the following instrument lines:

ASE/Autotrace (Dionex)
Ion Chromatography (Dionex)
FT-IR (no calibration)
Liquid Chromatography (Dionex)

Contact us to learn more about our On-Demand Depot Services and Depot Support Plan options.