Compliance Services for Lab Equipment and Analytical Instruments

The complexities of maintaining compliance and audit-readiness in regulated environments take significant time and resources. Increase your lab’s performance, ensure system functionality, and minimize the risk of failed audits for your critical instruments and laboratory equipment. The Unity™ Lab Services team of certified technicians help you ensure compliance of your lab equipment and analytical instrumentation to GLP/GMP, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO, and other key regulations.

Save time and improve your laboratory’s performance

Let us help manage your instruments and equipment, and free your team to focus its efforts on scientific discovery. Unity Lab Services has highly documented processes and procedures to produce credible reports and document adherence to regulatory requirements.

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Tap into greater confidence and accuracy

We’ll partner with you to provide a comprehensive suite of compliance services. With installation qualification (IQ), operational qualifications (OQ), temperature mapping, and calibration, our capabilities provide accurate results, product sample integrity, and support all major regulatory guidelines.

  • Audit-readiness: Efficient service delivery and traceable records help you demonstrate compliance to meet regulatory requirements
  • Non-conformance mitigation: Pair qualification and calibration services with preventive maintenance to mitigate risks of non-conformances before compliance services are performed
  • Cost efficiency: Our single-vendor solution promotes compliance via calibration, IQ, OQ, performance qualification (PQ), re-qualification (RQ), and temperature mapping services
  • Audit confidence: Industry-exclusive, no-charge requalification guarantee ensures instruments maintain compliance if a key component fails while under the original factory warranty or a qualifying service plan*
  • Peace of mind: Service from factory-certified technicians — product experts who are experienced with regulated environments — means we’ve got you covered

Over a decade of regulatory expertise

We deliver the confidence you need — and the transparency you seek — with services to meet audit standards for the following instruments and equipment.

Analytical Instruments Laboratory Equipment
Chromatographs (GC/MS, LC/MS, flash) Centrifuges
Mass spectrometers Cold storage equipment
Atomic absorption spectrometers Incubators
Inductively coupled plasma spectrometers Shakers
IOMS/IRMS spectrometers Remote monitoring sensors
FT-IR spectrometers Pipettes
Raman spectrometers Thermometers and hydrographs
NIR spectrometers Ovens, furnaces and water baths
UV-Vis spectrophotometers Refractometers (electronic)
Water analysis instruments (pH and electrochemistry) Balances
  Biological safety cabinets
  Environmental chambers
  Water purification
  Immersion coolers/circulators,
recirculating chillers

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Thermo Scientific™ equipment and instrumentation, we are intimately familiar with their specifications and service requirements. This helps to ensure your instruments and lab equipment can pass regulatory standards and keep you in compliance. Our factory-trained technicians have the knowledge to properly perform qualification services (including proof of accuracy) and provide the appropriate documentation. Additionally, our dedicated workforce of technicians spans the globe to offer you timely customer support regardless of your location.

Programs can be customized to your specific needs, so the right audit-quality data will be ready for you to share with the appropriate regulatory bodies. Learn more about Unity Lab Services Compliance Services for lab equipment, analytical instruments, and calibration.


Industry-exclusive, no-charge requalification guarantee*

Unity Lab Services is the only OEM service provider that offers a guarantee and promise to requalify instruments and equipment at no charge if a key component fails while under a qualifying instrument service plan or warranty.

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*Terms and Conditions
Unity Lab Services Requalification Guarantee: Should your Thermo Scientific instrument or laboratory equipment require a repair while under a qualifying Unity Lab Services instrument service plan or warranty, we will requalify the repaired instrument or equipment at no additional cost. This guarantee does not cover optional repairs, relocations, consumables, or situations where a qualification test is interrupted due to customer intervention, power loss, or other situation out of the control of a factory-qualified field service engineer. Additional terms and conditions apply. All terms and conditions of service contract and factory warranty apply.

Additional Terms & Conditions:
Terms and conditions apply to Thermo Scientific analytical instruments, including mass spectrometry (LSMS, IOMS), chromatography (GC/GCMS, HPLC, IC/SP), trace elemental (ICPMS, ICPOES, AA), molecular spectroscopy, sample preparation, and discrete industrial analyzer (DIA) instruments where the operational qualification (OQ) has been "added on" to a support plan, basic, or extended warranty. Operational qualifications purchased as a billable service or under a factory warranty do not qualify for the no-cost requalification (RQ) and can be purchased à la carte at list price. Third-party instruments under Unity Lab Services contracts or engagements do not qualify for the no-charge requalification guarantee.

For Thermo Scientific laboratory equipment (centrifuges, cold storage equipment, incubators, shakers, and remote monitoring sensors) under a Total Care Service Support Plan, the requalification guarantee is applicable for the duration of the active contract period. For Thermo Scientific laboratory equipment under original product warranty, the no-charge requalification is valid for up to two years following the original qualification service event. Third-party instruments under Unity Lab Services contracts or engagements do not qualify for the no-charge requalification guarantee.