On-site calibration services for laboratory equipment

Audit-ready confidence for your laboratory equipment

Unity™ Lab Services helps you achieve your calibration goals by leveraging a global calibration infrastructure that utilizes the latest technology and metrology techniques. Unity Lab Services calibration offering for lab equipment meets ISO/IEC 17025 standards, ensuring calibration processes are routinely reviewed and audited by an external accreditation body (A2LA) and that our field service engineers are highly trained and certified.

Choose from one of two service offerings to meet organizational quality policy requirements:

Accredited certificate with data and uncertainties Accredited certificate with before and after data
Ideal for organizations in highly regulated environments where uncertainties are required to assure compliance. Ideal for organization needing to verify equipment performance to manufacturer’s specifications. Uncertainties not required.
Included in service delivery
As found as left calibration data As found as left calibration data
Detailed calibration label Detailed calibration label
If a unit is out of tolerance an adjustment is performed If a unit is out of tolerance an adjustment is performed
TUR calculation
Greater than 4:1 uncertainty ratio
Included on accredited certificate
Serial/asset number Serial/asset number
Measurement data Measurement data
Environmental conditions Environmental conditions
Reported uncertainties (K=2) Reported uncertainties (K=2)
Conformity assessment Conformity assessment
Reference equipment used Reference equipment used

Service benefits:

  • Calibration management software that provides digital NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Detailed calibration labels attached to each unit after calibration is performed
  • Calibrations performed by factory-qualified engineers capable of resolving issues that arise during a calibration event

Secure calibration management portal

All calibrations are performed with high accuracy tools and provide traceability to the international system of unity and national measurement institute. Unity Lab Services utilizes best-in-class software for calibration record management to ensure service records are easily accessible. The calibration management portal is accessible across multiple users and sites enabling consolidation of calibration service records for equipment across an organization.

Recommended scheduling of calibration services:

  • Prior to first use: Calibration is recommended upon instrument installation, before it’s used.
  • Ongoing calibration throughout instrument lifecycle: Many international standards and compliance agencies require that calibration be conducted at regular intervals. Following this calibration frequency ensures your maintenance and test equipment program is in control and strengthens confidence in laboratory or production tools.
  • Instrument relocation or move: Calibration is important when equipment is transported from one location to another to ensure accuracy prior to use in the new location.
  • Following a repair or accessory change: Any component change will alter a device’s measuring capability. Following a repair or accessory change that’s critical to measurement, calibration ensures the instrument is still reliable in its new configuration.