Thermometers & Hydrograph Calibration

Unity Lab Services offers calibration services for all brands of laboratory thermometers and hydrographs. Calibrations are performed by our trained technical teams to the standards set by you and can be completed on-site or in our depot (equipment permitting).

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We offer a range of temperature and point options to meet all of your calibration needs, including:

  Thermometer Calibration Hydrograph Calibration
Services Offered Thermometer calibration certificate
  • With1or without accreditation
  • Temperature to be determined by yourself.
Hydrograph calibration certificates or verification reports
  • For thermohygrometers, chart recorders and temperature/humidity loggers.
  • Report at ambient temperature and 50% relative humidity (RH).
  • Electronic Thermometers & temperature loggers: Calibration Certificates at 1 point, 2 points, 3 points & 4 points
  • Glass Thermometers: Calibration certificate at 2 points.
  • Temperature to be determined by our laboratory (0°C and the maximum scale temperature).
  • Calibration Certificate at 1 point and 2 points
  • Certificate in one point within the 10% to 90% RH.
  • Certificate in 4 points: 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% RH at ambient temperature.
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1 We offer accredited calibration services. Click here for more information.