Depot Maintenance, Repair & Calibration

Regular testing is vital to ensure the performance of your lab equipment. Coordinating testing across multiple vendors takes valuable time and resources.

Unity Lab Services tests a range of lab equipment across most major brands. A single contact gets your testing done using our expert technicians - regardless of brand.

Testing and reports are offered in our depot (equipment permitting) or on-site. Need a resident service engineer on-site? Learn more about our Enterprise Solutions.

Equipment Services Offered Include

Unity Lab Services offers a range of equipment-specific services for all of your laboratory equipment. Some of these services include:

Determination of:

  • temperature accuracy
  • humidity accuracy
  • temperature uniformity and stability and deviation to the set point
  • repeatability, corner load, linearity and accuracy

Measurements taken at appropriate points based on equipment type, for example:

  • bath measurements taken at the center of the bath
  • center of the chamber at the ICH couples for Climatic Chambers

Adjustments as necessary and as possible.

All testing completed according to equipment specific controls and ranges.

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Biosafety Cabinets
Climatic Chambers
Cryopreservation & Freeze Dryers
Electronic Balances
Electronic Refractometers
Freezers, Ultra-Low Temp Freezers & Refrigerators
Incubators - General Purpose & CO2
Microplate Instruments
Ovens & Vacuum Ovens
Vacuum Concentrators
Water Purification
Other Equipment

Don't see the equipment you need tested?

Our expertise is not limited to the equipment listed.

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