Calibration services for laboratory equipment, pipettes, and more

The science of balancing accuracy and standards

Calibration is the process of periodically verifying that equipment is producing accurate results within specified limits compared to a reference standard.

Maintaining calibration frequency provides:

  • Assurance that measurement tools are accurate over a period of time
  • Identification of non-conformances that require resolution
  • Extended lifecycle of equipment

Unity™ Lab Services offers multiple calibration services so you can choose the best solution for your regulatory needs.

Calibration services are available across a range of equipment, systems, and consumables. See our complete list of calibration services offering by product below:

Cold storage, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, and remote monitoring systems A2LA accredited to support ISO/IEC 17025 standards. Two service options available to meet your unique regulatory needs.
Thermometers & hydrographs Available to support all brands of laboratory thermometers and hydrographs. Calibrations are performed to meet standards set by you and can be completed on-site or in our Depot Center (equipment permitting).



Assurance that your pipettes have the accuracy you need when you need them. Choose the level of documentation best for your lab through basic and preferred service offerings.

Ovens, baths, electronic refractometers, and balances A single contact gets your calibration testing done using our expert technicians, regardless of brand. Testing and reports are offered in our Depot Center (equipment permitting) or on-site.

Unsure which service is right for you? Still have questions? Contact Unity Lab Services for more details.